I'm Dr. Bryan Behrenshausen. I'm a writer, editor, and open source community architect.

I help manage the open source program at GitLab. I also teach courses in open source strategy in the Open Source Technology Management (OSTM) program at Brandeis University. I helped catalyze and still work extensively with the Open Organization project.

Here's my academic CV and my professional resume.


I published a book! It's called Infinite Layaway and it collects the first two series of my vaporwave-focused newsletter. Generally, when I've got something to note I'll jot it in my public notebook.


I'm not currently teaching courses.


I'm currently reading Slow Media by Jennifer Rauch. I just finished reading The Easy Life in Kamusari by Shion Miura. And before that I read Neofinalism by Raymond Ruyer.


A snaphot of what I'm hearing is always available at Bandcamp.


I'm spending less time on the web these days. But you can follow what I'm making at GitLab and GitHub, and see what I'm sharing on Reddit. I'm much more active on services that operate on non-web protocols. You can browse my gemini capsule and find me at


PGP Key ID: 88D43FB34A70F397
Fingerprint: 496D 8C13 5020 9DC0 969C 8604 88D4 3FB3 4A70 F397