I'm Dr. Bryan Behrenshausen. I'm a writer, editor, and open source community architect.

I'm Senior Open Source Program Manager at GitLab. I manage programs like GitLab for Open Source and GitLab Open Source Partners. GitLab is an open organization (we practice TeamOps), so you can always see what I'm up to. Subscribe to my feed for regular updates.

Review my academic CV or my professional resume to learn more about the stuff I've done.


Generally, when I've got something to note I'll jot it in my public notebook.


I'm currently reading Working in Public by Nadia Eghbal and All Systems Red by Martha Wells. I just finished reading The Kaiju Preservation Society by John Scalzi. And before that I read The Longing for Less by Kyle Chayka.


Alternating between Power Windows and Moving Pictures by Rush. And a few weeks ago I picked up Why Does The Earth Give Us People To Love? by Kara Jackson, which is still in heavy rotation. Meanwhile, a snaphot of what I'm hearing is always available at Bandcamp.


I'm spending less time on the web these days. Instead, I'm much more active on services that operate on non-web protocols. I maintain gemini capsules on both and the Mare Tranquillitatis People's Circumlunar Zaibatsu.


PGP Key ID: 88D43FB34A70F397
Fingerprint: 496D 8C13 5020 9DC0 969C 8604 88D4 3FB3 4A70 F397