I'm Dr. Bryan Behrenshausen. I'm a writer, editor, and open source community architect.

I work at GitLab as Senior Open Source Program Manager. GitLab is an open organization (we practice TeamOps), so you can always see what I'm up to. Review my academic CV or my professional resume to learn more about the stuff I've done.

I keep a public notebook. It records what I'm thinking about, reading, writing, and otherwise working on. I also write a newsletter about vaporwave. While I'm doing any of that, I'm generally listening to music. A snaphot of what I'm hearing is always available at Bandcamp.

When I'm working in open source, I share what I'm thinking and doing on Otherwise, I spend most of my non-work time online in communities that operate on non-web protocols. I maintain gemini capsules at both and the Mare Tranquillitatis People's Circumlunar Zaibatsu.


PGP Key ID: 88D43FB34A70F397
Fingerprint: 496D 8C13 5020 9DC0 969C 8604 88D4 3FB3 4A70 F397