I'm Dr. Bryan Behrenshausen, a writer and independent scholar in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Here's my CV. I also have an ORCiD.


I care deeply about software freedom, and on the Web I write and podcast about open source projects.

Occasionally I'll post updates and working notes at The Noisy Signal.

I've recently completed my doctoral dissertation, Information in Formation, about the cultural politics of "information." I'll link to it when it's available in my university's official archive.

Journals like Games and Culture and New Media & Society have published my research. I'm also Managing Editor for the journal Cultural Studies.


You can reach me at two email addresses. Here they are, along with their corresponding PGP keys. I prefer receiving encrypted email.

You might consider connecting with me on a mobile messaging service. I use services featuring strong encryption.

I also tend to hang out on IRC. Just ping semioticrobotic on Freenode.



I've hand-coded this site in HTML5 that complies completely with W3C standards. For best results, view it in a standards-compliant browser.