I'm Dr. Bryan Behrenshausen.

I work for Red Hat as a writer and editor, specifically as part of the Open Organization community. That means I'm always looking to help people tell stories about the ways principles associated with "openness" are impacting organizational culture and design. Here's my professional resume.

I'm also an adjunct professor in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship program at Duke University, where I teach and conduct research as part of the Open Source Research, Pedagogy, and Innovation initiative. I'm currently teaching a course called Foundations of an Open Source World, which explores the way "open" gets articulated between and across various discursive domains and social formations. Here's my academic CV.


A running list of my writing on open source culture is always available at

My doctoral dissertation about the cultural politics of "information," Information in Formation, is now available in the Carolina Digital Repository.

Journals like Games and Culture, New Media & Society, and Cultural Studies have published my research. I'm also a production editor at Capacious. Here's my ORCiD.


Sending me email is the easiest way to contact me. I prefer receiving encrypted messages. Use PGP key 96516AA0 to send me one.

You might also consider connecting with me on a mobile messaging service. In that case, find me on services featuring strong encryption. I prefer Signal and WhatsApp.

For public communication, simply find me on Freenode as semioticrobotic.


You can follow me at GitHub, Reddit, and Twitter. And you can always follow what I'm streaming at Bandcamp.


I've hand-coded this site in HTML5; for best results, view everything in a standards-compliant browser. Site code is public.